Palestine, the Keffiyah clings on

In Hebron, the last factory for making the traditional headscarf struggles to compete with Chinese-made versions [...]

Waking up in hell

It was just before noon when I heard the first explosion. I rushed to my window, barely did I get there and look out when [...]

A man with a Grad rocket in front of his shelled house (photo by Nicola Sessa)
South Ossetia, the lie revealed

"If the Russians hadn't arrived, we would all be dead by now". Valentin throws the stub of his cigarette among the debris [...]

Patient in the hospital in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan 2007
A wedding scene: British troops carry out a massacre of civilians

Lashkar Gah, Thursday 21 August. A newborn baby, four children, a girl and four women, one of them pregnant. All were hit [...]

Far from Baghdad

Starting a new life outside Iraq: the situation of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan [...]

Montenegro former premier, milo djukanovic
Cigarette burns

Prosecutors in Bari prepare trial against former Montenegro prime minister Djukanovic for mafia affiliations [...]

Street children in Bucharest
Stray boys, in Europe

Subway stop Costin Giorgeanu, outskirts of Bucharest. Huge communist-era apartment blocks, all of them grey, identical to [...]

the inauguration of salam heart surgery centre
The New Heart of Africa

Salam heart surgery centre, built by Emergency on the Blue Nile banks, has been officially inaugurated today. The centre, [...]

Bicycles stacked with wooden boxes. Kampala, Uganda. Photo by Sandro Greblo.
God save the Queen/1

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at Entebbe international airport, 30 kilometres outside Kampala, is the [...]

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