Colombia 09/06/2007

A reportage from Boquilla, one of the poorest districts in Cartagena, Colombia

Italy 06/11/2007

The life of African immigrants in the pictures taken in various parts of Campania

Colombia 12/06/2006

In the forest near to the village of Muzo, in Colombia, there are the richest emerald mines in the world

Nepal 10/03/2006

After King Gyanendra relinquished absolute power last April, the Maoist rebels have withdrawn their troops

Lebanon 07/24/2006

Mazen portraits the Israeli attack on Lebanon though his cartoons

Vietnam 05/29/2006

30 years after the war ended, a 30-day trip to Vietnam reveals how people live

Pakistan 04/14/2006

The notorious coranic school doesn't seem like a hotbed of terrorist

Cyprus 03/31/2006

Living on an island, divided by a wall