Zen, South American styleSoja leaves

Buenos Aires asks Beijing to be patient with regard to the measures taken to safeguard the Argentinian production. [...]

Bacteria in a laboratory
China, Capital Sin

First he was notified of the investigation into his conduct, then came the expulsion from the party, and now the sentence [...]

Information in chains
Catos of the net

In 25 Countries in the world internet is subject to censorship. The worst is Myanmar, followed by China and Iran. While millions of people use the net daily to communicate or look for information, tens of governements try to find a way of controlling them. The report on the censorship of internet, which was made public by OpenNet, a surveillance association expressly created by the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Toronto, [...]

China reforms gulags

A proposal of reform of "re-education through work" of dissidents is put forward [...]

Buddha in Leshan
In China, smog works like the Taliban

Itís the largest stone Buddha in the world: 71 metres tall when sitting down. Almost double the size of the enormous Buddhas in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, which were destroyed by the Taliban. Weíre talking about the magnificent Giant Buddha in Leshan, China. Registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, itís a feat of mankind that has resisted both nature and manís ferocity for 1300 years Ė all this is now coming undone due to pollution. [...]

Red-light China

Anyone who was in Shenzhen, the Chinese city not far from Hong Kong, on 29 November must have thought they were back in t [...]

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