Gino Strada: 'Lashkargah is open'

'We are happy because, before the end of the week, the hospital will be back in function. There will be fewer deaths and [...]

Afghanistan: Prolonged Occupation

International Conference on Afghanistan concludes: NATO troops until (and possibly past) 2014, and billions of Euros for the Karzai government. [...]

The mercenaries of commander John

He likes to be called Rambo and he is an American green beret veteran like the world famous icon. He is the commander of [...]

What’s the hidden reason behind the war in Afghanistan?

Uranium mines? The Trans-Afghan pipeline? Geostrategic position? Or perhaps the control of drug trafficking? [...]

Patient in the hospital in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan 2007
A wedding scene: British troops carry out a massacre of civilians

Lashkar Gah, Thursday 21 August. A newborn baby, four children, a girl and four women, one of them pregnant. All were hit [...]

Siding with the Taliban

The United States and Great Britain ever more insistently accuse the Iranian regime of providing arms to the Taliban guer [...]

afghan child
Afghanistan, children abused

Children sexual abuse is widespread in a country which cannot escape from poverty and war. There are no statistics availa [...]

Afghanistan, Here is the War

Tens of civilians are killed in the US-led offensive in Herat, where Italians are more and more at risk [...]

Taliban Johnny
Crossed Destinies

After the light condemnation of the Australian Hicks, the parents of “Taliban Johnny” ask for a lighter sentence for the [...]

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