Us days of rage: occupy Wall Street!

The meeting is set for September 17 in front of the New York Stock Exchange to protest the power of banks and corporation [...]

USA September 11: Lies of the CIA

Ex anti-terrorism director: ďGeorge Tenet concealed information about two of the hijackers that could have helped us stop [...]

USA: the GE lobby

The Obama administration and Monsanto want to extend planting of GE crops to wildlife refuges [...]

Japanís nuclear secrets

New proof of secret agreements with the USA that contradict with the pacifist principles of Eisaku Sato [...]

The revolt of the young

Interview on events in Egypt with Fawaz Trabulsi, historian and professor at the American University of Beirut [...]

China and Russia: farewell to the dollar, a gesture both political and economic

Yuan and roubles for bilateral trade. Paolo Manasse: ďA quest for stability and autonomy from Washington. But not part of [...]

The cocktail of death

The Seroquel case explodes in the USA Ė Seroquel is an antipsychotic drug used to treat PTSD and is alleged to have cause [...]

Chinese Interest in Iraq

China has the necessary tools to dominate foreign investment in Iraq. [...]

USAid: Humanitarian Waste

USAid the is main propagator of excessive wastes of supplies and money - all in order to benefit subsidized American indu [...]

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