Eastern Asia: wargames played with islands

Spratly, Senkaku, Kurile: a mega-game between superpowers and mini players [...]

Japan: mobile defence policy

The new National Defence Programme: moving from a Cold War to an anti-China mood [...]

China and Russia: farewell to the dollar, a gesture both political and economic

Yuan and roubles for bilateral trade. Paolo Manasse: “A quest for stability and autonomy from Washington. But not part of [...]

Mongolia, the railway of scorn

Destination north: taking the coal to Russia rather than China [...]

Russia's New Economic Program

Putin presents Moscow’s ‘New Deal’ for the Caucasus. Economic revival, hotels and ski slopes, commerce and petrol: a new [...]

A man with a Grad rocket in front of his shelled house (photo by Nicola Sessa)
South Ossetia, the lie revealed

"If the Russians hadn't arrived, we would all be dead by now". Valentin throws the stub of his cigarette among the debris [...]

An image of the Lomonosov ridge
My land

Some might call the news sensational. At least that's how some Russian geologists just back from a six-week Arctic expedi [...]

Cold peace

The Russian government will invest 189 billion dollars in eight years to build a new generation of intercontinental balli [...]

Inflammatory Rhetoric

Last week, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili used some very tough language during his third anniversary address. The [...]

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