An Iraqi prisoner
The law wins

UK highest court rules that the Convention for human rights can be applied to British armed forces abroad [...]

afghan child
Afghanistan, children abused

Children sexual abuse is widespread in a country which cannot escape from poverty and war. There are no statistics availa [...]

A Saudi woman
Husbands wanted

13 Saudi girls are looking for husbands so they can travel abroad to study accompanied by a man [...]

Sweden and Cuba in a diplomatic row for human rights violations

Cuban UN ambassador Fernandez Palacios claims “criticizing Cuba's human rights record is just hypocrisy” while Swedish ch [...]

Hunger for Rights

With International Women's Day banned in Iran, imprisoned activists go on strike [...]

Romeo and Juliet of Arabia

Without a thought to the problems of wedded couples in the west, couples who are in love in Saudi Arabia are made to divo [...]

Overtaking in Colombia

In Colombia the Constitutional Court pronounced a sentence designed to cause a real turn in society: homosexual couples s [...]

Africa's First Time

South Africa's Parliament approves homosexual unions, marking an historic day for gay rights [...]

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