Nepal, peace at riskYoung Nepalese Maoists

Maoists haven't disbanded. They've just reinvented themselves, so bypassing the peace agreements commitments [...]

Afghanistan, Here is the War

Tens of civilians are killed in the US-led offensive in Herat, where Italians are more and more at risk [...]

aurent Gbagbo and Guillaume Soro in the capital Yamoussoukro
Doubts on Ivory Coast’s peace deal

Less than a week ago Ivory Coast was still a country at war: divided into two sides by a buffer zone, the army and the re [...]

Agreements are signed
Banner Day in Ivory Coast

It took just a little more than sixty minutes to put an end to five years of civil war. Today, Ivory Coast is once again [...]

Blame it on Alfredo

Tension remains high in East Timor, mainly in the capital Dili, where a military operation was launched by an Australian- [...]

Ivory Coast, peace is nearer

After five years, the Ivory Coast civil war may have arrived at a turning-point: last Sunday, the Ivory Coast president, [...]

Peace from now on

A historic moment: Maoist rebels and the Nepalese government sign a peace agreement [...]

Children playing near an electoral poster
Violence Mars Election in Philippines

Four months of electoral campaigning in the Philippines has taken a grim toll: more than 100 dead and almost 300 wounded. [...]

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