Land Redistribution in Pakistan

New land redistribution regulations empower women and the poor in Pakistan. [...]

More Uranium for Everyone

Australia contains 40 percent of the world’s uranium deposits; India is a rising power in need of energy committed to nuc [...]

Bhutto and Musharraf
Dramatic events in Pakistan

The Red Mosque ghost continues to roam the streets of Pakistan, leaving a trail of blood behind him. After having tried t [...]

Musharraf and Bush
Musharraf Goes to War

It’s Open War in the Pakistani tribal areas. After recent ambushes, suicide attacks, bombings, and missile and grenade la [...]

Pakistani soldiers in Waziristan
Pakistan, ceasefire is over

At least 69 dead and dozens of wounded. It's the toll from three suicide attacks, launched during the week-end by extremi [...]

A military parade in Pakistan
Businessmen in uniform

Ayesha Siddiqa breaks more than one stereotype: she's a woman, and she's a civilian. But that didn't stop her from workin [...]

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