In sports too, everyone is equal before the law

Israeli and Iranian women told they cannot wear non-regulation uniforms in international competitions. [...]

The revolt of the young

Interview on events in Egypt with Fawaz Trabulsi, historian and professor at the American University of Beirut [...]

Israel deports children of migrant workers

Tel Aviv government changes residency requirements for migrants: 400 children may be forced to leave their families [...]

Killing is Easy

Israel patrols Gaza’s border using remote controlled rifles, operated at a distance by 20 year old female soldiers [...]

UN statement on Israel's Gaza aid ships raid

The UN Security Council has agreed a statement following Israel's raid on Monday on a convoy of aid ships bound for Gaza. [...]

A paramilitary
An explosive mix

In Colombia, paramilitaries infiltrate all the levels of power [...]

Fatah Takes the Lead

Polls don't always get it right, so proceed with caution. But the results of a recent poll conducted by the University of [...]

A Kibbutz Changes Direction

After almost a century in existence, the oldest kibbutz in Israel has given in to the pressures of the modern age and dec [...]

All at War

An interview with Professor Maniscalco on the Temple Mount archaeological dispute [...]

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