Chinese Interest in Iraq

China has the necessary tools to dominate foreign investment in Iraq. [...]

Chinese fingers in the iraqi pie

China has the money, the daring and the diplomatic astuteness. That's why it's winning the commercial war in Iraq and the USA is losing it. [...]

Iraq, reporters on the frontline

In the last two years, the level of safety for international reporters in Iraq has collapsed, making it almost impossible [...]

Fred Thompson
In Reagan's footsteps

Given his position on key issues, it's no wonder Fred Thompson is popular with conservative American voters. He supports [...]

Inhospitable hospitals

Iraqi hospitals are turning into a battlefield with fighting between regular troops and the militia, according to a recen [...]

Escape from Baghdad

Tale of an Iraqi family as many others, who took refuge in Jordan to escape from the atrocities of war [...]

Here comes the microwave weapon

The US shows off a brand new heat-ray gun, that stings without burning the skin: it will be used to scatter the mob, mayb [...]

Children in a refugee camp
Jordan, thrown on the road, again

Escaping from war to end up in prison. This is the fate of many Iraqis in Jordan, at least according to the non governmen [...]

a patient in the rehabilitation centre of ngo Emergency in Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraq, Building the Future

A large tender carpet covers the floor of the room enlightened by white walls. A young man with moustaches clings to a pa [...]

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