In sports too, everyone is equal before the law

Israeli and Iranian women told they cannot wear non-regulation uniforms in international competitions. [...]

Siding with the Taliban

The United States and Great Britain ever more insistently accuse the Iranian regime of providing arms to the Taliban guer [...]

The petrol station set ablaze
Hardline politics doesn't work anymore

This measure has set off Tehran's citizens and not only them. The evening before this measure came into force, a group of [...]

Information in chains
Catos of the net

In 25 Countries in the world internet is subject to censorship. The worst is Myanmar, followed by China and Iran. While millions of people use the net daily to communicate or look for information, tens of governements try to find a way of controlling them. The report on the censorship of internet, which was made public by OpenNet, a surveillance association expressly created by the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Toronto, [...]

Iranian diplomat jalal sharafi
The Iranian job

The Iranian television shows the medical examination of the diplomat kidnapped in Baghdad accusing the CIA [...]

Hunger for Rights

With International Women's Day banned in Iran, imprisoned activists go on strike [...]

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