India, the boats of hope

Bringing aid and information to isolated villages along the Brahmaphutra River [...]

India, Class Wars

New Delhi offers a negotiation table to the rural Maoist guerrilla movement, but meanwhile continues its preparations for the much-heralded military offensive in the “red” tribal areas. [...]

More Uranium for Everyone

Australia contains 40 percent of the world’s uranium deposits; India is a rising power in need of energy committed to nuc [...]

Half widows

Knowing that your husband's corpse has been found and that you have become a widow may be some sort of relief. At least t [...]

Ahl helicopter
Helicopter Blades

The Indian government violates the embargo on selling arms to the Burma dictatorship [...]

Two Indian shopkeepers
There's something about Delhi

The race for the new African markets? A matter between the Tiger and the Dragon. We are not talking about Ang Lee's film, [...]

Clashes in Rajasthan
Rajasthan, tribes in revolt

Enraged crowds facing each other with weapons of all kinds, barricades, fires, and thousands of soldiers sent to lend aid [...]

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