Siberia, China's backdoor megastore

Siberia supplies grain and builds dams for Asia's mightiest economy [...]

Welfare Chinese Style

A new social security law will make China a little more like the West and apply to foreigners as well. But we’re already [...]

Eastern Asia: wargames played with islands

Spratly, Senkaku, Kurile: a mega-game between superpowers and mini players [...]


Tajikistan, the poorest of the five ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia, is slowly turning into a Chinese colony [...]

Japan: mobile defence policy

The new National Defence Programme: moving from a Cold War to an anti-China mood [...]

Mongolia, the railway of scorn

Destination north: taking the coal to Russia rather than China [...]

The win-win strategy according to China

China’s economic model is creating opportunities for the Global South. But the Dragon still has a lot to learn [...]

Chinese Interest in Iraq

China has the necessary tools to dominate foreign investment in Iraq. [...]

Mao Zedong
China, the Great Helmsman still a subject of debate

De-Maoisation in the name of Mao, or rather, using history to justify the present. But the ruling group is not united [...]

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