Africa, fighting the coltan wars

In Nairobi, mining ministers from eleven African states have signed an agreement on ending “the raw materials war”. A con [...]

South Africa, the magic sachet

It looks like a teabag, but it turns dirty water into drinking water [...]

Africa, the advance of mobile banking

M-Pesa and Wizzit, services for sending and receiving money via mobile phone text messages, are a big success in Kenya and South Africa. [...]

Two Indian shopkeepers
There's something about Delhi

The race for the new African markets? A matter between the Tiger and the Dragon. We are not talking about Ang Lee's film, [...]

Effects of a drought in Africa
Africa presents the bill

The Pan-African Parliament asks the West to intervene on global warming [...]

Newspapers after Sarzozy's victory
Sarzoky's African bet

Nicolas or Ségolène? Beyond the French, in the last weeks the question impassioned the entire African continent. The ball [...]

Intoxicated crops
Africa's poisoned inheritance

About 50,000 tons of deteriorated pesticides contaminate the continent [...]

Nadine Gordimer
Her Africa

South African Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer explains why she fought against Apartheid [...]

Africa's First Time

South Africa's Parliament approves homosexual unions, marking an historic day for gay rights [...]

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