A day of warfare or a year of healing?

An open letter from a volunteer with Emergency in Afghanistan, on the question of refinancing the Italian military missio [...]

The old man and the war

Abdullah is a very old Afghan man hospitalised at the Emergency Hospital in Lashkargah. Having spent most of his life ski [...]

New routes for war

The Pentagon is increasingly relying on Central Asia as a supply route for its troops in Afghanistan: a strategy that risks destabilising the region. [...]

Things like this also happen in Afghanistan

A moment of sheer joy interrupts the routine of the Emergency war hospital in Lashkargah [...]

Nine years, tens of thousands of deaths: Happy Birthday Afghanistan War!

With just half the money Italy spends every month to contribute to the massacre of civilians, Emergency has built three surgical centres, one maternity centre and 28 First Aid centres. And has treated over two and a half million Afghani patients. [...]

Media distortion of Afghan opium story

The latest UN report shows that after years of decline this year the total area devoted to the cultivation of the opium poppy in Afghanistan has remained stable. [...]

The trans-Afghanistan pipeline becomes a reality

The decision has been taken: the famous trans-Afghanistan pipeline - the goal behind US support of the Taliban movement i [...]

Narco War

Afghan heroin on British army flights returning from the battlefront news that heightens suspicions about the real eco [...]

Red Star over Afghanistan

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan has announced that it will wage war against the imperialist occupiers in Afghanistan, as well as reactionary theocratic Islamists. [...]

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