A day of warfare or a year of healing?

An open letter from a volunteer with Emergency in Afghanistan, on the question of refinancing the Italian military missio [...]

The old man and the war

Abdullah is a very old Afghan man hospitalised at the Emergency Hospital in Lashkargah. Having spent most of his life ski [...]

Things like this also happen in Afghanistan

A moment of sheer joy interrupts the routine of the Emergency war hospital in Lashkargah [...]

Nine years, tens of thousands of deaths: Happy Birthday Afghanistan War!

With just half the money Italy spends every month to contribute to the massacre of civilians, Emergency has built three surgical centres, one maternity centre and 28 First Aid centres. And has treated over two and a half million Afghani patients. [...]

Gino Strada: 'Lashkargah is open'

'We are happy because, before the end of the week, the hospital will be back in function. There will be fewer deaths and [...]

Whose side should we be on?

Given the organisation’s pedigree, and the countless admirable people who believe in its mission, today we should be on Emergency’s side. [...]

Patient in the hospital in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan 2007
A wedding scene: British troops carry out a massacre of civilians

Lashkar Gah, Thursday 21 August. A newborn baby, four children, a girl and four women, one of them pregnant. All were hit [...]

Gino Strada and Rahmatullah Hanefi
Free, At Last

Rahmatullah Hanefi is again a free man. Today at 4 p.m, on a sunny afternoon, Rahmatullah got out of the door of the Inve [...]

We Want Rahmat Back

Emergency's manager Rahmatullah Hanefi, taken into custody by the Afghan secret services and still in detention, is remem [...]

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