If you want to take part in the PeaceReporter project, you can contribute not only as a reader but also by writing articles and telling us about things you feel are important.

Our network of contributors and contacts, spread all over the world, is what makes it possible for us to report on the conflicts that people live through day by day. Anybody - friends, relatives and acquaintances - can tell PeaceReporter about the things they see every day. If you want to be one of our voices, or tell us about somebody else who could be, please write to us!

Collaborating with PeaceReporter means sharing in a project and believing in the need to promote a culture of peace.

And it means believing, as we do, that war needs to be abolished, and that peace is not just a possible option, but the only way forward.

If you'd like to work with us as a volunteer, journalist, or photographer, or join one of our training programs, just write to us, telling us what you do, the part of the world where you have most contacts and interests, and your previous experience. If possible, send us a CV.

PeaceReporter is also developing a video area. If you have any images about countries or that report significant events, send them to us!

Please note that any material you send us, even if not published, will not be returned. So we strongly advise you never to send original slides or negatives. If your documents are used, PeaceReporter guarantees that you will be credited.

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