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The online daily newspaper PeaceReporter focuses on international issues. It also works as a press and publishing agency.

It was funded by Emergency, an Italian humanitarian aid organization providing medical and surgical treatment in warn-torn conutries.
Each of the journalists contributing to ths project donate their individual expertise to promote a culture of peace. This is why articles and reports focus primarily on the victims of war and conflicts.

PeaceReporter's aim is to give a clear picture of what is going on in the worldand to bring people closer to distant crises. In this way, 'news' can become knowledge, conscience and culture.

We are asking you to take part in an ambitious project both as readers and content contributors to change the world by giving new perspectives on world news.
Thanks to its many contributors and correspondents all over the world, PeaceReporter is able to report on events and places often ignored by mainstream media outlets.

Journalists, NGO workers, civil rights activists, diplomats and members of religious organisations write for PeaceReporter free of charge, as volunteers, supporting us in our project.


    PeaceReporter provides

* news and journalistic reports

* photographic reports and single photos

* TV documentaries and news items

* news bars for websites

* contents for websites

* teaching aids for schools

* constantly updated fact-files on conflicts all over the world

* educational fact-files on the world's different countries


PeaceReporter articles and services are used by:

Tiscali, Oggi, Gente, Vita, D-Repubblica Women's Supplement, L'Espresso, L'Espresso-online, Venerdì di Repubblica (Friday supplement), Alias, Il Manifesto, il Gazzettino di Verona, Diario, Agr, Circuito Marconi, Rainews 24, Viator, Radio Spazio Aperto, Ecoradio, RaiNews24, Radio Golfo Degli Angeli, Delta Uno Notizie, RCS L'Onda Veronese, CRM Happy Radio, Basilicata Radio Due, Radio Life, Radio Stella News, Radio Conegliano, Monte Radio, Radio Vera, Contattoradio...


All www.peacereporter.net contents may also be reproduced by other non-profit media, provided that permission is requested from, and given by, our offices



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