The law winsAn Iraqi prisoner

UK highest court rules that the Convention for human rights can be applied to British armed forces abroad [...]

A mosque in Banda Aceh in the aftermath of the tsunami
Aceh, an end to the environmental destruction

When Yusuf Irwandi was elected governor of Aceh, he made a promise. After the Tsunami, the guerrilla leader of the separa [...]

Rally of protest in Dhaka
Bangladesh, the about-turn

Bangladesh’s army-backed interim government, in place since October 2006, revoked its decision to force into exile two am [...]

Two baby-prostitutes. Photo by Matt Schonfeld
Colombia, Vade Retro

The Golden Age of sex tourism is about to come to an end. In May a legislation on childhood and teenage will become effec [...]

Agreements are signed
Banner Day in Ivory Coast

It took just a little more than sixty minutes to put an end to five years of civil war. Today, Ivory Coast is once again [...]

The illiterate does not live here anymore

Bolivia: thanks to the program “Yo si puedo” no more analphabetism in the city of Tolata [...]

China reforms gulags

A proposal of reform of "re-education through work" of dissidents is put forward [...]

Ivory Coast, peace is nearer

After five years, the Ivory Coast civil war may have arrived at a turning-point: last Sunday, the Ivory Coast president, [...]

In the Sun's direction

The United Arab Emirates bet on alternative energy [...]

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