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Afghanistan: Prolonged Occupation

International Conference on Afghanistan concludes: NATO troops until (and possibly past) 2014, and billions of Euros for the Karzai government. [...]

Bosnia: Conflicting Memories

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, the President of Serbia –controversially – participat [...]

Russia's New Economic Program

Putin presents Moscow’s ‘New Deal’ for the Caucasus. Economic revival, hotels and ski slopes, commerce and petrol: a new [...]

Land Redistribution in Pakistan

Land redistribution in Pakistan has been empowering women and dismantling misogynystic societal norms. [...]

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One vibe one vote

Vote, and we'll reward you with a vibrator. The article depicts the photograph of a sex toy surrounded by a star-and-stripes flag, with the caption: "Flag not included". On the eve of election day, in a Country were barely fifty percent of the population usually goes to vote, there's plenty of initiatives aimed at convincing the reluctant citizens. [...]

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