Africa presents the billEffects of a drought in Africa

The Pan-African Parliament asks the West to intervene on global warming [...]

Bicycles stacked with wooden boxes. Kampala, Uganda. Photo by Sandro Greblo.
God save the Queen/1

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at Entebbe international airport, 30 kilometres outside Kampala, is the [...]

Six years of drought have damaged the country's economy
A dried up Country

Australia is hit by the worst drought ever. The damage caused to the economy is increasing, as are also the restrictions [...]

Intoxicated crops
Africa's poisoned inheritance

About 50,000 tons of deteriorated pesticides contaminate the continent [...]

Bad weather that kills

Heavy rains batter Bolivia, leaving homeless and dead people in their trail [...]

Buddha in Leshan
In China, smog works like the Taliban

Itís the largest stone Buddha in the world: 71 metres tall when sitting down. Almost double the size of the enormous Buddhas in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, which were destroyed by the Taliban. Weíre talking about the magnificent Giant Buddha in Leshan, China. Registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, itís a feat of mankind that has resisted both nature and manís ferocity for 1300 years Ė all this is now coming undone due to pollution. [...]

In the Sun's direction

The United Arab Emirates bet on alternative energy [...]

Pesticide and Discord

A diplomatic war erupts between Ecuador and Colombia [...]

Gay anathema

The Jerusalem gay parade may have been cancelled but the arguments haven't stopped [...]

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