Killing is Easy

Israel patrols Gaza’s border using remote controlled rifles, operated at a distance by 20 year old female soldiers [...]

Chinese fingers in the iraqi pie

China has the money, the daring and the diplomatic astuteness. That's why it's winning the commercial war in Iraq and the USA is losing it. [...]

Trading Guns for Butter

With a gun in the house, you can defend yourself against intruders; so believe many Americans. But lean times shift prior [...]

Washington sends the Coast Guard to patrol African coasts

“To protect fishing and oil shipping routes”: the militarization of the continent continues [...]

Close to the Taliban

Chinese arms for the Taliban. The suspicion began with a dossier put together by the British public television channel, t [...]

Global Hawk
Global Hawks in Sigonella

The US Naval base in Sigonella will be the launching pad for the new redoubtable unmanned “Global Hawk” aircraft. The off [...]

Siding with the Taliban

The United States and Great Britain ever more insistently accuse the Iranian regime of providing arms to the Taliban guer [...]

Ahl helicopter
Helicopter Blades

The Indian government violates the embargo on selling arms to the Burma dictatorship [...]

Contractors in Iraq
Hired Soldiers

A commission of experts of the United Nations Organization scheduled to travel to Chile next week. Target: to cast the li [...]

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