Lessons in hate. In the name of God

Itís time for us to be very careful about what we say, what we write and what we teach [...]

Scandal and tragedy in Ciprus

Explosion at military base kills thirteen and becomes international incident [...]

NATO demands increased funding

Secretary General Rasmussen: more money from Europe or the US will review its financial input into NATO [...]

Mexico, 'The Last Narco'

Interview with Malcolm beith , author of the book "The Last Narco" [...]

Japanís nuclear secrets

New proof of secret agreements with the USA that contradict with the pacifist principles of Eisaku Sato [...]

Eastern Asia: wargames played with islands

Spratly, Senkaku, Kurile: a mega-game between superpowers and mini players [...]

Japan: mobile defence policy

The new National Defence Programme: moving from a Cold War to an anti-China mood [...]

Viktor Bout, rise and fall of a man of mystery

Extradition to the United States ends the career of the man reputed to be the worldís biggest arms dealer. But is this really the last chapter of his story? [...]

China and Israel, arm-in-arm

Chinese state TV celebrates good relations with Israel by airing a documentary praising Jewish civilisation [...]

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