In sports too, everyone is equal before the law

Israeli and Iranian women told they cannot wear non-regulation uniforms in international competitions. [...]

Mauricio Macri
First Read, Then Vote

Right-wing candidate Mauricio Macri, well-known owner of the Boca Juniors soccer team, is the recognized favorite in the [...]

Playing for the Wrong Team

US investigates American basketball players in Iran for embargo violation [...]

No to indifference

Massimo Moratti explains the reasons for the appeal launched by Inter for the Middle East [...]

Juventus against war

President Cobolli Gigli explains the reasons for the “United for Peace” appeal launched by the club [...]

Vamos, Palancas!

Angola prepares for the World Cup with songs, dances, and soccer on big-screen TV’s [...]

A Kick to Discrimination

This year the gay world cup moves to Latin America, offering a challenge to machismo [...]

Kicking Death

In the face of economic and social crises, the Boca Juniors fan at least knows where he’ll go when he dies [...]

Croatian soccer fans against the Hague

Football is helping to finance the defence of Gotovina and other Croatians accused of war crimes [...]

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