A free hand for the militaryRome's Capitol Hill, with the image of Father Bossi

A new antiterrorism law went into effect in the Philippines, while Father Bossi is still held captive [...]

Some Thai kids look at a burnt school
A future ablaze

After teachers, now the school themselves are in the Islamic separatists' sight in Southern Thailand, where 13 school bui [...]

Pope Benedict XVI
The Pope's Admission

"The memory of a glorious past cannot deliberately leave out the dark episodes related to the process of evangelization i [...]

Pope Benedict XVI
A papal offense to Indios

"Arrogant and disrespectful. We're deeply offended". The Brazilian indigenous population reacted in this way to the ideas [...]

Archbishop Roger Mahoney
The price is right

The Church's estate assets are on sale to pay for the lawsuits against paedophile priests [...]

Akdamar church
Second life

A thousand-year-old Armenian church has been renovated and re-opened by Turkish authorities [...]

A Kibbutz Changes Direction

After almost a century in existence, the oldest kibbutz in Israel has given in to the pressures of the modern age and dec [...]

All at War

An interview with Professor Maniscalco on the Temple Mount archaeological dispute [...]

Khaled, the righteous

The first Arab in history to be given the title of Righteous among the Nations could be a Tunisian [...]

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