The difficult art of living side by side

ďAssimilation is no longer a viable option so we have to accept the great challenge on the horizon: learning the difficul [...]

Lessons in hate. In the name of God

Itís time for us to be very careful about what we say, what we write and what we teach. [...]

In sports too, everyone is equal before the law

Israeli and Iranian women told they cannot wear non-regulation uniforms in international competitions. [...]

Saudi Arabia: plotting in the palace

WikiLeaks reveals Saudi plans to crush Hezbollah, and US attempts to reduce tension with Iran [...]

France moves towards burqa ban

A bill banning the use of the full veil in public places has been introduced into the Council of Ministers and will be de [...]

A UK troop guards a church
Iraq, the pogrom of the Christians

Religious hatred rages: 140 deaths and thousands made homeless in a year [...]

The religious Obama

When George W. Bush mentioned Jesus and the inspiration he drew from him, Europeans used to a separation between politics [...]

A defeat for all the president's men

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has been elected head of the Assembly of Experts, the only authority in Iranian political and re [...]

Pakistani soldiers in Waziristan
Pakistan, ceasefire is over

At least 69 dead and dozens of wounded. It's the toll from three suicide attacks, launched during the week-end by extremi [...]

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