Between a rock and a hard place-Life in a Refugee camp Krnjaca

While most Serbs who fled the 1995 offensive in Croatia have built new lives, more than 300 others are still stuck in a r [...]

Beyond the Economy The Chinese Model

Every superpower tends to produce a culture that becomes global. Will that be true for China as well? [...]

Palestine: the longest day

On September 20th the UN Assembly will debate independence for the Palestinians [...]

Japanís nuclear secrets

New proof of secret agreements with the USA that contradict with the pacifist principles of Eisaku Sato [...]

Eastern Asia: wargames played with islands

Spratly, Senkaku, Kurile: a mega-game between superpowers and mini players [...]

Libya, the Colonel and the Cavalier

The second anniversary of the Friendship Treaty between Italy and Libya offers opportunities for further highly profitabl [...]

Egypt Protests 2011

Special coverage by GLOBAL VOICES ONLINE - A community of over 300 bloggers and translators reporting about voices, regio [...]

The ETA ceasefire and the new role of the leftist supporters of independence

Giovanni Giacopuzzi, historian and author, examines the numerous ceasefires and negotiations over the years, leading up to the recent announcement. The growing importance of a politically-channelled will to independence. [...]

Mongolia, the railway of scorn

Destination north: taking the coal to Russia rather than China [...]

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