The truth of the Apple iPad behind Foxconn’s lies

A video documenting labour rights abuses at Foxconn’s plants in Chengdu, a factory exclusively producing for Apple [...]

Welfare Chinese Style

A new social security law will make China a little more like the West and apply to foreigners as well. But we’re already [...]

How to react? The Libyan crisis in terms of international law

Nato revs its engines, but diplomacy is hard at work searching for a legal balance to underpin an eventual mission [...]

The revolt of the young

Interview on events in Egypt with Fawaz Trabulsi, historian and professor at the American University of Beirut [...]


Tajikistan, the poorest of the five ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia, is slowly turning into a Chinese colony [...]

Egypt Protests 2011

Special coverage by GLOBAL VOICES ONLINE - A community of over 300 bloggers and translators reporting about voices, regio [...]

China: A Cold Winter Night with the Petitioners

Zhang Kai, a human rights lawyer, spends a night with the visiting petitioners, who travel across the country from differ [...]

The ETA ceasefire and the new role of the leftist supporters of independence

Giovanni Giacopuzzi, historian and author, examines the numerous ceasefires and negotiations over the years, leading up to the recent announcement. The growing importance of a politically-channelled will to independence. [...]

The Maghreb, a new front for hunger

Algeria and Tunisia in flames: thousands of youths protest in the streets against high prices and lack of freedom [...]

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