Suicidal Studies

A mandatory mental health test for all university students [...]

Private health
Health for All

Since the start of the month, Massachusetts has been the first American field study for the ambitious task of Ďuniversalí [...]

Bacteria in a laboratory
China, Capital Sin

First he was notified of the investigation into his conduct, then came the expulsion from the party, and now the sentence [...]

the inauguration of salam heart surgery centre
The New Heart of Africa

Salam heart surgery centre, built by Emergency on the Blue Nile banks, has been officially inaugurated today. The centre, [...]

Bicycles stacked with wooden boxes. Kampala, Uganda. Photo by Sandro Greblo.
God save the Queen/1

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at Entebbe international airport, 30 kilometres outside Kampala, is the [...]

Intoxicated crops
Africa's poisoned inheritance

About 50,000 tons of deteriorated pesticides contaminate the continent [...]

Buddha in Leshan
In China, smog works like the Taliban

Itís the largest stone Buddha in the world: 71 metres tall when sitting down. Almost double the size of the enormous Buddhas in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, which were destroyed by the Taliban. Weíre talking about the magnificent Giant Buddha in Leshan, China. Registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, itís a feat of mankind that has resisted both nature and manís ferocity for 1300 years Ė all this is now coming undone due to pollution. [...]

Inhospitable hospitals

Iraqi hospitals are turning into a battlefield with fighting between regular troops and the militia, according to a recen [...]

The travelling operating theatre

In Ecuador a white lorry has been ferrying surgeons to isolated areas for the last 12 years [...]

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