Volunteer Refugees

The Shiite or Sunni communities, when in the minority, leave their cities, redesigning Iraq [...]

Islands without borders

At the Svalbard islands anyone can immigrate without certificates. But life is not easy [...]

Victims of Stan, without care

After the hurricane that struck nine months ago, little has been done [...]

Help the refugees

The Israeli attack on Lebanon has created a new wave of displaced people [...]

End of the line - Bogotá

Ciudad Bolivar: a jumble of houses and refugees from a war that continues to follow them [...]

East Timor, the alarm returns

Fear that the situation will come to a head after a third of the army revolts [...]

The Forgotten Children

The life of young Palestinians refugees in Lebanon [...]

Deluge on the Refugees

Torrential rains are making the situation in the Sahrawi refugee camps worse [...]

Peace Village

A house, and a better life for war refugees who had been living in caves [...]

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