The difficult art of living side by side

“Assimilation is no longer a viable option so we have to accept the great challenge on the horizon: learning the difficul [...]

Libya, the Colonel and the Cavalier

The second anniversary of the Friendship Treaty between Italy and Libya offers opportunities for further highly profitabl [...]

The Saudi wall

Riyadh government announces the construction of a barrier along the Iraqi border [...]

Cooperating to commit a crime

Spain asked and got help from EU states in order to protect the Canaries from immigrants [...]

Born in the dust

A woman forced to give birth at a checkpoint [...]

The Family of Bethlehem

A farm confined by the wall, and a family that endures it [...]

Words like Stones

In Gorizia, a War of Words Over a Difficult Past [...]

Walls of the world

A planet divided by higher and higher barriers [...]

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