China, export NGOs

Peking’s ‘soft power’ spreads through ecological “harmony” [...]

The trans-Afghanistan pipeline becomes a reality

The decision has been taken: the famous trans-Afghanistan pipeline - the goal behind US support of the Taliban movement i [...]

Narco War

Afghan heroin on British army flights returning from the battlefront – news that heightens suspicions about the real eco [...]

Mongolia, the railway of scorn

Destination north: taking the coal to Russia rather than China [...]

Viktor Bout, rise and fall of a man of mystery

Extradition to the United States ends the career of the man reputed to be the world’s biggest arms dealer. But is this really the last chapter of his story? [...]

Zimbabwe – escaping from AIDS

Thousands are going to South Africa in search of life-saving remedies not available in their own country, creating a highly dangerous short circuit

China and Israel, arm-in-arm

Chinese state TV celebrates good relations with Israel by airing a documentary praising Jewish civilisation [...]

The win-win strategy according to China

China’s economic model is creating opportunities for the Global South. But the Dragon still has a lot to learn [...]

The man who knew too much about the U.S.A.

The US ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Honduras knew about the coup against Manuel Zelaya on the 28 June 2009 several weeks be [...]

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