USA: the GE lobby

The Obama administration and Monsanto want to extend planting of GE crops to wildlife refuges [...]

Siberia, China's backdoor megastore

Siberia supplies grain and builds dams for Asia's mightiest economy [...]

Israel: the bureaucracy of occupation

Israeli restrictions on aid to Palestinians cost agencies $4.5 million a year [...]

Welfare Chinese Style

A new social security law will make China a little more like the West and apply to foreigners as well. But we’re already [...]

Maghreb-Europe: barriers against democracy

Stagnant economies with high potential: Marco Arnone of talks to PeaceReporter about the economic roots of th [...]

Bread and Speculation

Is the increase in basic food prices, that has sparked off violent popular uprisings in Tunisia and Algeria, the result o [...]

The return of the Golden Triangle

Opium production booms in the territories controlled by rebels opposed to Burma’s military junta. [...]

Mongolia, the water eco-warriors

Escalating protests against mining, in a country where ecological and social problems are inseparable [...]

Africa, fighting the coltan wars

In Nairobi, mining ministers from eleven African states have signed an agreement on ending “the raw materials war”. A con [...]

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