Lukashenko makes the break

After a progressive deterioration in relations between Moscow and Minsk, Lukashenko goes so far as to declare “Russia is [...]

Burma: the election farce

The regime prepares for elections on 7 November, leaving nothing to chance, with the result a foregone conclusion [...]

one of the babeland's shops
One vibe one vote

Vote, and we'll reward you with a vibrator. The article depicts the photograph of a sex toy surrounded by a star-and-stripes flag, with the caption: "Flag not included". On the eve of election day, in a Country were barely fifty percent of the population usually goes to vote, there's plenty of initiatives aimed at convincing the reluctant citizens. [...]

Those who arrive first vote better

In what could be the American election with the highest turnout in history, millions of electors are already voting in do [...]

Nursultan Nazarbayev
He who runs the country

Missing or changing votes, documents with fake signatures, new rules to obstruct opposition candidates. This is no news i [...]

Hugo Chavez
A healthy Constitution?

Despite the fears and concern of the Venezuelan opposition, President Hugo Chavez carried out what he had promised: he pr [...]

Rotimi Adebari
A record mayor

An interview with Rotimi Adebari, Ireland's first black mayor [...]

The first lady
More Hillary than Evita

Argentinean first lady, Cristina Fernández, will run for presidential elections. This is the opinion of Manuel Ferreira [...]

Ollanta Humala
Money to placate discontent

Government invests millions of euros in war against poverty in order to placate discontent [...]

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