India, the boats of hope

Bringing aid and information to isolated villages along the Brahmaphutra River [...]

Land Redistribution in Pakistan

Land redistribution in Pakistan has been empowering women and dismantling misogynystic societal norms. [...]

Half widows

Knowing that your husband's corpse has been found and that you have become a widow may be some sort of relief. At least t [...]

The first lady
More Hillary than Evita

Argentinean first lady, Cristina Fernández, will run for presidential elections. This is the opinion of Manuel Ferreira [...]

A young girl during the procedure
A step forward

Egypt bans every form of woman circumcision, but much remains to be done [...]

Elvira Mujcic
Words of music

Some stories, even if told thousand times, live behind them difficult shadows to disperse. That's Srebrenica, where the m [...]

A pro-choice protest
Waiting for a change

Between 460,000 and 600,000 women chose to undergo clandestine abortions, almost one for every child born. This is the Ar [...]

Two baby-prostitutes. Photo by Matt Schonfeld
Colombia, Vade Retro

The Golden Age of sex tourism is about to come to an end. In May a legislation on childhood and teenage will become effec [...]

A Saudi woman
Husbands wanted

13 Saudi girls are looking for husbands so they can travel abroad to study accompanied by a man [...]

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