London, in the aftermath of the riots

Interview with Nina Power, British philosopher, writer, journalist and academic [...]

Palestine: the longest day

On September 20th the UN Assembly will debate independence for the Palestinians [...]

Us days of rage: occupy Wall Street!

The meeting is set for September 17 in front of the New York Stock Exchange to protest the power of banks and corporation [...]

USA September 11: Lies of the CIA

Ex anti-terrorism director: “George Tenet concealed information about two of the hijackers that could have helped us stop [...]

Disenfranchised in London

An interview with Professor Rodney Barker. “The violence is affecting working class neighborhoods, destroying the very pl [...]

The difficult art of living side by side

“Assimilation is no longer a viable option so we have to accept the great challenge on the horizon: learning the difficul [...]

Floating clinic brings hoper to Malawi

Restored boat will be transformed into floating clinic to bring help to people in remote villages [...]

Mexico: indigenous communities targeted

Groups with paramilitary links pull out all the stops to evict Zapatista communities from their lands in a low-intensity [...]

Voices of the Flotilla

One of the Freedom Flotilla’s coordinators, Maria Elena Delia tells us about the waiting game in Athens [...]

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