The New Heart of Africathe inauguration of salam heart surgery centre

Salam heart surgery centre has been inaugurated today in Khartoum [...]

Two baby-prostitutes. Photo by Matt Schonfeld
Colombia, Vade Retro

The Golden Age of sex tourism is about to come to an end. In May a legislation on childhood and teenage will become effec [...]

Damages for the innocents

Over 150 children of SS officers and Norwegian women are suing the government for discrimination [...]

A Journey in Sri Lanka

Between the ruins of a millenary civilization and the reality of a daily war [...]

Promises from the Taliban

A million dollar investment for the construction of new schools in southern Afghanistan may not seem like a particularly [...]

Truth for all

A new online encyclopedia focuses on the bloodiest episodes of the 20th century [...]

Children in a refugee camp
Jordan, thrown on the road, again

Escaping from war to end up in prison. This is the fate of many Iraqis in Jordan, at least according to the non governmen [...]

Struggling to survive in their own home

A house sheltering 28 small lives from the street. The story of a "hogar" in Buenos Aires [...]

Liberty, but not for everyone

The flow of money into Iraqi Kurdistan has ended up in just a few hands [...]

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