Child Labor Emergency in Peru

More than three million children forced to work. Awareness and concrete action needed for pressing and complex social pro [...]

Things like this also happen in Afghanistan

A moment of sheer joy interrupts the routine of the Emergency war hospital in Lashkargah [...]

Zimbabwe – escaping from AIDS

Thousands are going to South Africa in search of life-saving remedies not available in their own country, creating a highly dangerous short circuit

Sri Lanka, children at war

Everyday, tens of young soldiers loose their lives in the military battles of the Singalese army and the stronghold of Ta [...]

A LTTE training camp
Child fighters on the increase

In Sri Lanka the Tamil Tigers announce the release of 135 child soldiers and promise not to kidnap more children [...]

Patriotic camp
Camping on the battle field

The government has set up a summer “Patriotic camp” for kids in a war zone, in order to raise patriotic awareness of new [...]

afghan child
Afghanistan, children abused

Children sexual abuse is widespread in a country which cannot escape from poverty and war. There are no statistics availa [...]

Street children in Bucharest
Stray boys, in Europe

Subway stop Costin Giorgeanu, outskirts of Bucharest. Huge communist-era apartment blocks, all of them grey, identical to [...]

Archbishop Roger Mahoney
The price is right

The Church's estate assets are on sale to pay for the lawsuits against paedophile priests [...]

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