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Georgia, a summer camp for kids on the border with Abkhazia
The government has set up a summer “Patriotic camp” for kids in a war zone, in order to raise patriotic awareness of new generations. This has been the last provocative idea of the young Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, who officially inaugurated the camp in Ganmukhuri, where three thousand young Georgians will spend summer by practicing sports and studying national culture. They will leave in wooden chalets build in the pine forest that covers the hinterland of this strip of coast on the Black Sea.

MappaUnder the fire of separatists. The ideal place for a summer camp, but for the fact that five hundred meters forward there are the armour-plate cars of Russian blue helmets and backward there are the stations of Abkhaz nationalist militia with their guns which are always loaded and headed. Ganmukhuri lays on the outpouring of the river Enguri and it’s the last outpost under the Abkhaz separatists control; they beat the Georgian army in 1993 with the support of Russian army and they ripped it off the Tbilisi control.
During the last few months, there have been dozens of gunfights between Abkhaz militias and Georgian soldiers along the line of ceasefire of 1993. They caused deaths and people got injured, just like two policemen who got injured, one of them to death, during an Abkhaz attack last 5th of January in the town of Ganmukhuri, where the summer camp is.

Ragazzini georgiani in piazzaGeorgian kids on the square. Abkhaz and Russian reactions. “It’s just absurd to have hundred of kids camping so close to the war zone” the president of separatist republic, Sergei Bagapsh stated. “Their life is under risk, even though we will do everything to avoid taunts. Georgian government shows that it’s ready to sacrifice life of its youth for achieving political goals”. Russian ambassador in Abkhazia, Viacheslav Kovalenko said he was really concerned and that Georgian authorities are making a “big mistake”.

In reply, Saakashvili announced that another Patriotic Camp will be soon inaugurated in the high Kodori Valley, which is the epicenter of the tensions in the region. “Peace is running a big risk”, the Separatist Foreign Affair Minister Sergei Shamba.
Enrico Piovesana