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Bolivia: thanks to the program “Yo si puedo” no more analphabetism in the city of Tolata
Un campesino mentre segue il programma "Yo si puedo"The people of Tolata, a small village 30 km from Cochabamba, have a good reason to celebrate: their village is the first to have defeated illiteracy. Tolata is a rural settlement where people live off of farming and where the difficulties of survival are the order of the day. Thanks to the literacy program “Yo si puedo” promoted by the government of Evo Morales, and thanks to the aid of Cuban teachers and volunteers, today in Tolata everybody knows how to read and to write. During a phone interview with PeacePeporter Alex Machado, mayor of Tolata, said: “We are extremely pleased by this great result. The program started on April 2006, first we had to conduct a census to find out how many people could not read and write. The total was 710 and the literacy program began with them. Today we can proudly say that 708 of them are able to read and write”. The Minister of Education of the Morales administration confirms: “This could happen thanks to the citizens of Tolata who cooperated with the authorities and the teachers in order to defeat illiteracy”.
Una donna mentre segue il programma "Yo, si puedo"The lucky ones. The beneficiaries of this program are the citizens who did not have the chance to go to school. Farmers, construction workers, shepherds, and mostly women could come out of illiteracy, which in a very poor country like Bolivia, eventually means exploitation. “Indeed, as Machado reminds, the only people who were not able to participate to the program were two disable senior citizen. Everyone else was happy to stand out of a condition that nowadays is absurd”. “Today we completed the first stage” the mayor of Tolata also said “Our next aim is to build a school for adults so once acquired the reading and writing skills they can follow a regular studying curriculum.” Special thanks from the citizens and the administration of Tolata to the Cuban cooperation. “Cubans and Venezuelans truly helped us providing the teachers with televisions, radios and computers. Also they teamed up as consultants to the program. Cubans especially gave us a big contribution, thanks to them literacy in Tolata is now 99,3%.”
The project. The praiseworthy result certainly did not go unnoticed and the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, wanted to congratulate Alex Machado and the people of Tolata. So the president will put up a white flag in Tolata as symbol of a country free of illiteracy. And this is not all. Morales, in front of Bolivian authorities and Cuban representatives, will give a diploma to the people who attended the literacy program.
Meanwhile the Minister Caceres explained that Tolata is not the only town where illiteracy has been defeated, but it is the first to complete the program. Also the Minister of Education let know that from February 2006 to March 2007 a little less than one hundred thousand people could learn to read and write. At this pace, according to the administration of La Paz, illiteracy in Bolivia will be completely eradicated by the end of the year.
Alessandro Grandi