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President Cobolli Gigli explains the reasons for the “United for Peace” appeal launched by the club
“War is the worst instrument for solving issues. We are against any violent method. Violence leads nowhere”. With these words Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, president of Juventus football club, explains clearly  the reasons for the appeal the sport club launched against the war in the Middle East. “The tragic news which arrives from the Middle East wound us deeply – Juventus had stated – It is impossible to remain indifferent to the violence that day after day hits those Countries. Football has a duty to speak for positive values, peace among them. Juventus joins other italian football clubs in showing its pain for what is happening”.
But Cobolli goes further: “This appeal is an attempt to try and make the powers that be think about what is happening, so as to stimulate their goodwill. The only solution is peace, it always is. War leads nowhere. Sport and football, since they attract great audiences, have the responsibility to say so out loud.”
It is however the first time that Juventus lends its name to such a “political” appeal?
“From now on Juventus will always be ready to intervene when confronted with similar tragedies. They might seem to be unusual messages for a football team, but we think it right that all the mothers, fathers, the young people who follow us should be spurred to thinking about what happens in the world. It is also a good opportunity to remove the aura of myth surrounding football and to give it its proper weight once again. In life there are issues that go far beyond the game of football. And I wish to underline that this is not a way for Juventus to wash away past sins, the society is not new to practical acts of solidarity in many fields. But it is an excellent occasion to put everyone back in their place and to remember that football is just a sport, nice and amusing, but just a sport. So let’s use it to communicate great messages of peace, of solidarity. Let’s use it to say no to war.”
lebanese childWhy now?
“Because the tragedy is pressing, and also because in the Middle East Italian football has a great following. Our football players are loved, especially our national team, to which Juventus has given so much. So it is also up to us to show all our solidarity and  good will. We will intervene for what lies within our province, and we will spur our slice of world whenever it may be necessary”.
Together with, and in the same way as Inter?
“For what concerns this issue we humanly find we think like Massimo Moratti and his Inter. We find we have similar intents. It comes naturally: before such catastrophic events there can be no other position. I repeat, war is the worst instrument and it is never the solution”.
Stella Spinelli
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