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A planet divided by higher and higher barriers

The wall within

The wall withinIn Belfast dozens of “peace lines” still divide the Protestant from the Catholic Ghettos:   The wall in Berlin used to cut the German city in two and it fell down because people wanted it to, both on continua...

Lives destroyed by the Wall

ruspeisraelianeIsrael continues to build the wall of separation.
Ibrahim Atmawi’s story
: “Ja Allah..”, my God. Ibrahim Atmawi, a 65 year-old Palestinian peasant, originally from Azzun Atma, 12 Km south of Q continua...

Imprisoned by the wall

Imprisoned by the wallThe security barrier has a cost: in human lives too: Israelis call it "security barrier". Palestinians call it "wall of shame". The result is the same: an 8-metre-high re continua...
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