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This year the gay world cup moves to Latin America, offering a challenge to machismo
Calciatore omosessuale ai Mondiali di BostonThe FIFA sponsored world cup is no longer the world’s exclusive soccer championship.  They gay world cup is in its 5th year this year and will be held from September 23rd to 29th in Buenos Aires, organized by the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA).
Choice. “We believe that soccer is the perfect way to maintain and promote respect for homosexuals across the world,” reads the message posted on the organization’s website.  It consists of teams all over the world, both male and female, that play soccer either the traditional way of in groups of 7.  Previous championships have been held in Amsterdam, London, Sydney, and Boston, but this year’s final is the first in Latin America.  Buenos Aires was chosen over Lima and Rio de Janeiro as the host city.
Calciatrici lesbiche ai mondiali di BostonA Blind Leap. The event is a shock to the prevalent South American machismo because it represents the first international sporting even dedicated exclusively to homosexuals on the entire continent.  The choice of Latin America as a host is a courageous and risky decision.  Many Latin American countries still hotly debate issues such as abortion and divorce and the Church of Rome still serves as their source of morality.  Choosing Buenos Aires is like a blind leap but with a safety net.   Buenos Aires as the first Latin American city to allow civil unions for gay couples, a law that went into effect in 2003.  Thus the city represents a rare oasis for homosexuals in complicated Latin America, a place where all different people with all different ideas come together.
Hope. “This championship is very important for us,” commented Tomas Gomez, the Peruvian president of IGLFA.  “With this initiative we intend to share our principles of understanding and respect for gay men and women in Latin America.  We want this tournament to have a positive impact for the future of the Latin American homosexual community and we are certain that hosting it in a place so unprepared will make the even more fun.” 
Calciatori gay sul campo dei Mondiali di BostonCourage. The satisfied smile of Cesar Cigliutti, president of the Argentine Homosexual Community (CHA), radiates his joy at the Federation’s choice.  “This is a very important occasion for our community.  It is a way for us to make ourselves visible in the homophobic and masculine atmosphere of Argentine soccer.”  Cigliutti is a precursor to the entire continent- he is not only the president of the oldest and strongest gay association in Argentina, but he is also the first man in Latin America to be married to another man.  “I think that our community has hope even here, notwithstanding the influence of the Catholic Church.  It’s true that more than 80% of the population follow the church, but it is also true that many believe in the separation of church and state.  The church is against the use of condoms, but the youth still uses them anyway.  The church is against divorce, but where it is allowed people get divorced.  They say no to pre-marital sex, but everyone does that without hesitation.  I believe the future is quite promising.”
Stella Spinelli
Topic: Sport
Area: Argentina