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Lebanon: TV Shows on Homosexuality Create Buzz

A gay killer has the passion of a woman and the aggression of a man," states Zaven Kouyoumjian, Lebanese host of Siree Wenfatahet, a program broadcast by Future TV and one of the highest rated TV shows in the Middle East. The LGBT community in Lebanon talks online about this and other TV shows featuring the gay community.

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Zimbabwe: Online Debate on New Draft Constitution

Zimbabweans are discussing the proposed draft of a new constitution. This will be country second constitution. A constitution to replace the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979 was approved by the Parliament in 1999, but was defeated in the 2000 referendum. A referendum on this new constitution is planned on June 30, 2011.

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Benin: Text Messages to Help Protect Children Against Violence: Lessons Learned

Technology for transparency networkThe Violence Against Children (VAC) project is an initiative co-implemented by PLAN and Save the Children in West Africa and takes place over 4 years in seven countries. The project explored the idea of setting up a text message based system that will collect and map out reports of violence against children.

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