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With just half the money Italy spends every month to contribute to the massacre of civilians, Emergency has built three surgical centres, one maternity centre and 28 First Aid centres. And has treated over two and a half million Afghani patients.

After nine years and tens of thousands of civilian casualties (official figures indicate roughly 15,000, but seen from one of Emergency's hospitals in Afghanistan this statistic looks like a cruel understatement), after billions of euros spent without leaving a single positive trace on the people of Afghanistan's everyday lives, after tons of fresh Afghani heroin injected into youthful veins around the world... after all this, we find ourselves with a puppet president who seems a parody of a puppet president (and was a CIA employee before becoming president), who is busy negotiating with the West's sworn enemies: the Taliban friends of Bin Laden and the followers of the fearsome Mullah Omar, people that this horrendous war of ours was supposed to defeat in a couple of months, and without causing any "collateral damage".

If the rulers of the world in general, and the Italian government in particular, possessed enough intelligence to address the question (even a private admission would be some consolation), they'd have to admit that they got it wrong and messed it up, and draw the right conclusion: bring the troops home, and resign.

But the rulers of Italy and most of the Western nations demonstrate that they have no respect for human lives. Alternatively, they are showing themselves to be idiots: if they did respect human lives they would be idiots to press on with a war whose only results are countless civilian deaths and the destruction of a nation.

Alas, they do have intellect, but theirs is a malignant talent. Because wars have always been convenient for those in power, especially when that power is under pressure or in crisis. To stay in the saddle, the rulers of the world never hesitate to sacrifice human lives.

There's not much else to say, on this ninth anniversary of the war. A war which has lasted as long as the First and Second World Wars put together. Longer than the Vietnam War. So utterly senseless that it has caused more US troops have died through suicide than through combat.

No... there is more to say, and to say again and again, to friends and acquaintances and anyone else who will listen: war must be abolished, refused, outlawed by humanity. The price we pay to the god of war is just too high. In human lives... which are not our own, but that doesn't mean they're worth any less. And in money. Because if the billions we've spent had been spent on more useful civilian investments, the world would be a much better place today.

The United States alone have spent 353 billion dollars on this war.

Italy is currently spending 65 million euros a month.

With much less than half of what Italy spends in one month in order to make its contribution to the massacre of innocent civilians, to take just one example, Emergency has built three surgical centres, one maternity centre and 28 first aid clinics. And has treated over 2.5 million Afghan patients. The entire Emergency programme in Afghanistan could be run for a whole year with the money that Minister La Russa spends in just two days.

A much better and cheaper way to "defeat al-Qaeda".

Maso Notarianni