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Asia: Videos on Drug Abuse and Detention Centers

Detention centers in Asia Drug abuse detention centers in Asia are in the spotlight. Although some Asian drug addicts go in voluntarily to kick their habit, in some places, this has led to routine human rights abuses where people off the street are locked up with no choice, tortured, raped, forced to work for free and denied basic comforts.

Read full story. [2010/09/10]

CD Brings together banned and censored musicians from non-western countries

Listen to the BannedListen to the Banned is a music CD bringing together musicians who have been banned, censored or imprisoned due to their music. It features artists from Afghanistan, Cote D’Ivoire, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Turkey, Uighurstan and Zimbabwe. On their website and other social media they post about musicians' stories and upcoming hearings, attacks on some of the artists during concerts and reminders of efforts to free a musician from prison.

Read full story. [2010/09/28]

Anti-censorship webmaster arrested in Thailand

Webmaster arrested in ThailandThe webmaster of an independent online journal in Thailand was arrested at Bangkok airport today on charges of insulting the monarchy. Local mainstream media has been quiet about the issue but twitterers are providing information and other updates which help sustain the campaign to demand the freedom of the arrested activist.

Read full story. [2010/09/24]

East Timor: The Past is Present

East TimorFor many East Timorese families that have lived through the violent Indonesian occupation, the past is still present. The poignant words of Fidelis Magalhães - the son of a slain pro-independence fighter - mark the eleventh anniversary of the UN-run Popular Consultation which resulted in the independence of the country.

Read full story. [2010/09/23]

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