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Nicaragua: Sexual Diversity in the National Blogosphere

NicaraguaIn the middle of the debate over legalizing same-sex marriage in Nicaragua, the national blogosphere showcases the view of sexual diversity and provides information on issues affecting the LGBTI community in the country.

Read full story. [2010/09/15]



Africa: HIV Positive Women Sterilized and Stigmatized

AfricaForced sterilization of HIV positive women is alas still a reality in many African countries. Recent testimonies were shared by many through personal experiences and a few African bloggers weighed in on the issue.

Read full story. [2010/09/12]



Colombia: "Hiperbarrio" Bloggers on Violence in Medellín

MedellínViolence, murder, theft and crime are a constant in Medellín and its metropolitan area; issues all people must learn to live with and a social phenomenon that has grown in the last year. Bloggers from Rising Voices project "Hiperbarrio" expressed their feelings and different viewpoints on the matter in personal and group blogs.

Read full story. [2010/09/08]


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