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Chile: cyber-activism blocks thermal energy plant project

Thermal energy plant protestUsing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and personal blogs to quickly spread the word, people took to the streets in several cities (over 3,000 people gathered in downtown Santiago) and forced the Regional Environmental Commission to take back its decision to build a thermal energy plant near Humboldt Penguin National Reserve and Punta de Choros, a small beach town known for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Even President Sebastián Piñera opposed the project via Twitter.

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Egypt: Youth using social media to close the gap

Social media in EgyptThirty Egyptians, aged 18 to 28, joined hands to produce 10 "social video-ads" aimed at social reform in a project called Closing the Gap, organized by The Egyptian Life Center for Creativity and Culture and Culture jointly with Freedom House. It is the first time a youth group had the chance to raise the discussion on media social responsibility through a citizen centered approach, with total independence from authorities or business interests -- thanks also to a group blog. Some of the topics addressed were sexual harassment, human rights and Internet Freedom in todays' egyptian society.

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Russia: LiveJournal Communities as a Transparency Tool

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2009 report, Russia and Ukraine have the worst corruption indices in Europe and almost the worst in the world (they are ranked 146 out of 180), while independent analysts believe corruption accounts for 50 percent of the Russian GDP. A context where LiveJournal communities are playing an increasingly high role for promoting transparency and advocacy, supporting media campaigns, and to exposing authorities' violations. They are chaotic, neither organized nor institutionalized, but these communities are attracting more and more people -- revealing the seek for the technological solutions for the open and free forums of information exchange.

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