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A total of 31 Mapuche prisoners being held at several Chilean jails Mapuche prisoners are on hunger strike to denounce the State's treatment of Mapuche communities in southern Chile. The strike is aimed mainly at ending the use of Chile's Anti-terrorism Law against Mapuche prisoners. While information and comments are spread via Twitter and on the web, street protests are also planned on August 2 in Concepcion, Valdivia and Santiago.
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Bangladesh: One Child to Rebuild a School

Bangladesh: One Child to Rebuild a School A child's account of a cyclon hitting Bangladesh back in 2007, relaunched on YouTube by VlogBrothers and the Uncultured Project, encouraged people across the world to donate enough money to help the boy and eventually to rebuild, repaint the school and even get new desks. Since then Shawn Ahmed and his Uncultured Project have produced other humanitarian video-projects, including the clean water campaign and a recent video, titled The Boy who Lived, showing a "story that took 1000 days to tell".
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Zambia: Meet Zambian Citizen Broadcasters

Grassroots journalism in ZambiaIn Zambia bloggers and citizen-broadcasters are starting to transform the local media space. Along with conversations now taking place on Facebook, Twitter and Google Groups forums (with groups ranging from as little as four to thousands of members), three web-radios are fully operative: Brain Drain run by James Mwape, Zambia Blog Talk Radio and Lespetty Media. Their websites are hosted in the USA, but they produce talk show and occasional interviews with Zambians discussing current issues about the country, along with a variety of music. However, the Zambian government is still attempting to control journalists through statutory regulation.
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